Insiders Have Been Buying These Down, But Not Out Stocks – 5/10

One of the best ways to spot potential opportunity is by following insiders.

After all, these are the people that know the company inside and out, the CEOs, CFOs, Directors, and Board members. Seeing them buy is often a confidence booster.  Plus, we have to remember that insiders wouldn’t put their money where their mouth is unless they had reason to believe the stock was moving higher. 

Company: Hertz (SYM: HTZ)

Look at Hertz (SYM: HTZ), for example.

After plummeting from about $8 to a low of $4.50, CEO Gilbert West bought 250,000 shares for just over $1.1 million. 

“As Hertz Global Holdings continues to navigate the competitive landscape of the auto rental industry, stakeholders will be keenly observing the actions of its executives for further cues. Gilbert’s recent stock purchase will likely be interpreted as a positive sign by many in the investment community,” noted

Stansberry Research
Strange crypto changes at your bank

You’ve likely heard a million different warnings about the changes taking place in America’s financial system right now…

How the White House plans take the dollar fully digital…

Track and monitor every transaction you make… or possibly ban cash forever.

And with Bitcoin surging to new highs as institutions pour billions into the crypto market, some people are even predicting a crypto “attack on the dollar” in the near future.

The problem is… those wild predictions all miss the real story unfolding in the US financial system today.

Details here…

Company: SoFi Technologies (SYM: SOFl)

Or, look at SoFi Technologies (SYM: SOFl).

While its chart is nothing to write home about, CEO Anthony Noto appears bullish. Earlier this month, he bought 28,775 shares for about $198,747.50. In addition, while recent SOFI earnings weren’t hot, the company did guide 2024 EPS to eight to nine cents from prior estimates for seven to eight cents.

Colonial Metals
Putin Issues Petrodollar “Death Warrant”

For nearly half a century…

The petrodollar was the greatest financial scheme in history.

Allowing the US to dominate global commerce.

Now, with the aid of rogue nations…

Putin could bring the petrodollar to the brink of collapse.

This is how to protect your retirement now.

Company: Caesars Entertainment (SYM: CZR)

An insider is also buying the recent dip in Caesars Entertainment (SYM: CZR).

On May 3, director and 10% owner of CZR Michael Pegram bought $1.46 million worth of the oversold casino stock. Since the start of April, CZR plummeted from about $44 to less than $36, and is just starting to pivot higher. 

It’s also just starting to pivot from over-extensions on RSI, MACD, and Williams’ %R. From its last traded price of $37.10, we’d like to see CZR retest $42 initially.

Bigger Than Nvidia?


Wall Street legend has just uncovered one tiny Maryland company that could become the next Nvidia. Few in the media are talking about this story yet… but in the next 6 months that’s all they’ll talk about.

Go here now for this breaking story.

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