This is Why Bitcoin Could See Higher Highs this Month

There are two substantial catalysts ahead for Bitcoin.

For one, according to, “May 15 marks the deadline for institutional investment managers to file form 13-F with the Securities and Exchange Commission. If more firms are shown to have purchased the newly approved spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds during the first quarter, this will show bitcoin has gained further institutional acceptance.”

The other potential catalyst could be the rejection of an Ether ETF.

“This is significant because while Ethereum’s fate may remain up in the air until 2025 or longer, we believe there’s a substantial amount of capital waiting for a digital winner to be declared; to the extent Bitcoin proves to be that winner, the incremental demand would likely be felt even more acutely given the recent bitcoin halving,” TD Cowen analyst Lance Vitanza added.

If these turn out to be strong catalysts, investors may want to keep an eye mining stocks like Marathon Digital (SYM: MARA) and Riot Platforms (SYM: RIOT).

Or take a look at the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (SYM: BITO).

With an expense ratio of 0.95%, the BITO ETF tracks the performance of spot Bitcoin, and is the world’s largest and most actively traded cryptocurrency ETF, according to ProShares. BITO is mimicking the price of Bitcoin as closely as possible without investing in the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are seeing big gains recently… 

And with the Bitcoin halving now behind us, prices could absolutely explode as we officially enter the Bitcoin halving bull run!

Historical data shows that at about this point crypto gains go begin to go parabolic.

My research team has identified one small crypto that could ride this wave…

It’s designed to directly benefit from Bitcoin’s momentum. Meaning as Bitcoin surges in the halving bull run, this altcoin could deliver truly massive returns.

I recently put together a Special Report revealing everything you need to know about this crypto and why it needs to be on your radar.

The opportunity is here.

Click here now to discover how you could turn a small stake into a fortune over the next month as the crypto market catches fire.

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