Top High-Yielding Stocks to Invest in for Safety – 4/22

One of the best ways to protect your portfolio, and generate consistent income is with dividend-paying real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Company: Realty Income (O)

Known as The Monthly Dividend Company, Realty Income will pay you every month to hold its stock. Yielding 5.93%, the company just declared a new dividend of 25.7 cents, which is payable on April 15 to shareholders of record as of April 1. This is now the company’s 645th monthly dividend-increase over its 55-year history.

POTUS in ‘25 Not Biden/Trump, But _______________

The next president of the United States will put their hand on the bible and solemnly swear to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States…

And preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

But I do NOT believe it will be Biden.

And I do NOT believe it will be Trump.

Louis Navellielr here and I’ll share who my evidence points to.

And I believe when they do take the oath of office, their fingers will be crossed… and America will descend into chaos.

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Company: Medical Properties Trust (MPW)

With a yield of 12.02%, Medical Properties Trust (MPW) is a triple net lease REIT, which means the lessee is responsible for rent, utilities and property expenses, such as maintenance. It owns about 439 hospitals across nine countries, and has reliable cash flow.

Analysts at BNP Paribas just upgraded the REIT to an outperform rating, with a price target of $6. We also have to consider that MPW will benefit from an aging population.

The AI Stock that’s Disrupting Every Industry

Move over Nvidia. There’s a new hot AI play that has soared 960% in the past year.

Nvidia better watch out, at least in terms of stock performance.

One high-flying artificial intelligence stock has soared 960% over the past year and may soon become as familiar as Nvidia…

…the dominant, better-known, and far larger maker of AI processors.

Get the Ticker Here >>>

Company: Agree Realty (ADC)

Agree Realty (ADC) also pays out a monthly dividend.

With a yield of 5.37%, the REIT just declared a monthly cash dividend of 24.7 cents per share. That’s payable on April 12 to shareholders of record as of March 28. If you missed the deadline, don’t worry about it. Another one is most likely on the way.


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