With Demand Soaring, Consider These Cruise Stocks – 4/5

Keep an eye on cruise stocks.

According to Reuters, travelers have been booking cruises for 2024 at “greater volumes” than even before the pandemic. About 35.7 million consumers are expected to cruise this year alone, up from 31.5 million in 2023.

If the trend continues – which we expect to happen – investors may want to jump into some of the industry’s top cruise stocks, including:

Company: Royal Caribbean (RCL)

Royal Caribbean just increased its adjusted EPS guidance to $9.90 to $10.10 for the full year, as compared to earlier guidance for $9.50 to $9.70. “For 2024, all four quarters and all key products are booked ahead of the same time last year in both rate and volume. Consumer spending for onboard purchases continue to exceed prior years driven by greater participation at higher prices, indicating quality and healthy future demand.”

Analysts at Macquarie also just raised their price target to $160 from $145.

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Company: Carnival (CCL)

In its most recent earnings report, the company said revenues of $5.4 billion were up 22% from a year ago. First quarter customer deposits were above $7 billion, which was higher than the $5.7 billion in bookings year over year. CCL’s cash flow even improved to $1.8 billion, which was a sizable jump from the $400 million booked a year earlier.

Analysts at Stifel reiterated a buy rating on the CCL stock with a price target of $25.

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