4 insiders buy 421K Shares of Micro-Cap – Week of 1/7

Investors should always be on the lookout for insights that could give them an edge in the stock market, and one potential source of such information is insider buying activity. When company insiders, such as executives or board members, buy shares of a company’s stock, it can be seen as a vote of confidence in the company’s prospects. Publicly available insider buying information can provide valuable clues about which stocks may be worth considering for investment.

Here are three stocks recently purchased by C-level insiders –

FTC Solar, Inc. – SYM: FTCI
Recent Price: $0.52
Insider Action: 4 insiders buy $213K in shares
Description: FTC Solar, Inc. provides solar tracker systems, software, and engineering services in the United States and internationally. It offers two-panel in-portrait single-axis tracker solutions under the Voyager brand name. The company also provides Pioneer, a one module-in-portrait solar tracker solution that allows for a pile count reduction per megawatt.

Elon Musk’s “Project Dojo” is a Game-Changer


Morgan Stanley predicts that Musk’s latest act will boost Tesla’s shares by 80% in the next 12 months. But if you want to profit from this development, you’ll buy the firm that could see its sales explode by 829% as “Project Dojo” sweeps the nation.

Click here for its name and ticker symbol (MUST ACT BEFORE MARCH 15).


Granite Ridge Resources, Inc. – SYM: GRNT
Recent Price: $5.36
Insider Action: 5 insiders buy $183K in shares
Description: Granite Ridge Resources, Inc. operates as a non-operated oil and gas exploration and production company. It owns a portfolio of wells and acreage across the Permian and other unconventional basins in the United States. The company is based in Dallas, Texas.

Elon Musk: “Go F— Yourself!”

When you’re the richest man in human history, you can say exactly what you think. That’s why Elon Mushk recently told the CEO of Disney, “Go f— yourself.” Because he’s THAT rich…And you know what promises to make Elon the world’s first trillionaire? His new AI startup. I know that sounds crazy, but consider his last three startups: PayPal, SpaceX , and Tesla. Because it promises to be 100X stronger than ChatGPT. I recorded a 2-minute video demonstration of Elon’s AI in action.

Click here right now to see Elon Musk’s AI LIVE DEMONSTRATION.


180 Degree Capital Corp. – SYM: TURN
Recent Price: $4.13
Insider Action: 5 insiders buy $220K in shares
Description: 180 Degree Capital Corp. is a publicly owned corporate pension plan sponsor. It primarily provides its services to pension and profit sharing plans. The firm is a large advisory firm which provides portfolio management for pooled investment vehicles, pension consulting services. It manages separate client focused equity and balanced funds. It invests in exchange-traded equity securities, non exchange-traded equity securities, cash and cash equivalents and assets of the adviser that are primarily receivables and prepaid expenses. The firm conducts in-house research to make investments. The firm was formerly known as Harris & Harris Group, Inc. 180 Degree Capital Corp. was founded in 1981 and is based in Montclair, New Jersey.

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